If I can't picture it, 

I can't understand it.

- ALbert Einstein

u n l o c k    y o u r    b r i l l i a n c e

Visual thinking is a



Design thinking is a mess.

Hey, that's kinda why it works.


But do

piles of brainstorm

Sticky Notes have you feeling...


Your challenges are complex:

networks   systems   branching   parallel   

cyclical     interconnected     non-linear


You have the 

wrong tools 

linear text editor       spreadsheet      hierarchical outline

Import visualize network and tag cluster data sets. Export network structure from board.


Visual Thinking Training

teach you to fish

Leadership coaching

Visionaries need visual. They should see what you're saying.

Team Training 

Shared vision requires visuals. 

Visual Systems

build you a tackle box and fishing pole

Whiteboard strategic visual thinking deep-dives

See what the team is all thinking.

Operations diagrams

Successful teams have a playbook.

Visual vocabularies 

Your inter-disciplinary team speaks many languages ... you need a Rosetta stone. 

Visualization Products

catch you some fish

Information and data

Systems, programs and processes

Networks and organizational structures

Geo-spatial, architectural, timeline stories

3D / XR (VR/AR)